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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Language of My Life

Posted by The Pamiesz® | Sunday, May 11, 2008 | Category: |

salam to all of you..

how do u do everyone?hopefully everyone feel happy..always feel happy..in every situation you're in..really hope all of u didn't stress out your brain and pluck out your anger to the people around u or to the wall surrounding u also including the animals and insects in front of u..[do u really release ur anger to that kind of place?if so..you're really cruel! and maybe the stupid one..]

don't forget to thank Allah for all of the nikmats..for the nikmat of Islam..for the nikmat of Iman..for the nikmat of our health..for the nikmat of relaxation of mind and heart..and for all the nikmats that He gave to us..also don't forget to selawat with more and more selawat to our precious beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Bless Upon Him)..we're hoping to have syafaat from him in the Hereaf
ter..so..show our love to him with a very easy-to-do way..berselawatlah!

i don't know..this time i just feel like talking in english..so long i left this language unused by my tongue..i knew if i speak in english..everything will go wild..its a broken one u know..even the ants will run away from me because of the un-understandable language of my speaking..u know its really pain to speak in the same time u want the people that u speak with understand u really well..but..i don't know..just feel like it..then just read it if u wanna read it..if u think u didn't understand what i say..then you'll need to learn a little bit to understand it..go to school..find the teachers..don't let the teachers find u..hehe..

i don't wanna talk about something serious or a long story or a complicated articles here in this post..its because i really didn't have a talent to write in english..but i still wanna write it..sorry ride the lorry [sori naik lori] if my grammar is completely out of tune and pitching..just enjoying myself in writing..any comments and complaints..just left in in your small heart..don't say to me..it'll break my heart..haha..

i learns and use many kind of language since my birth..so today i want to share with all the readers bout the stage of my language..


when i still small..i talked with the 'cry language'. if i wanna eat..i'll cry..if i wanna go to toilet..i'll cry..[do u think i went to toilet when i want to qada my hajat since my birth?if u think so..then you're the weird one!] ofkos i wear napkin or pampers when my age is still 'at the year of corn' [setaun jagung -> terjemah sebijik2..haha] if i wanna sleep..i'll cry..if i want everything that i want..i'll cry..and i think all of us talked with this kind of language when everyone of us still at the early age of our birth to this temporary world..more importantly..i think all of us know already..the one who understands this kind of language very very well is the only one..our beloved mother..[saaaayaaang mak!]


when i grow more and more bigger..my language changed..slowly..i talked a little bit the way everyone talked..but it is quite different from the usual standard language..'bahasa pelat2'..thats the kind of language that i used..
"aak..ak mam" whats the meaning? just telling my mom that i wanna eat rite now..that's the simplest language i ever talked with..comes from "mak..saya nak makan" after cut it became very short..simple and very understanding..[of course to my mom] heheh..even now i still use this language when i talk to my friends to make them see me like mengada2 or mintak kene sepak..but i have never been slapped although i make a face that really looks like i want to be slapped..that's my friends who understands me very well..they just know when i became like that its already time to call 'budak ini tengah penin..plis jangan layan kepeningan beliau'


i didn't talk with the pelat2 language for a long period of time..after learning and learning to say the rite words..slowly i talk with a normal way that everyone talked with..at this stage..my dearly parents start to teach me how to mengaji..they introduced me to one more language in my life..arabic language..i start to know alif..ba..ta..reading muqaddam..hafaz fatihah..reciting in solat..its all the basic of introducing me to the ibadah way..although in laziness..i still hafaz them all..because my dad will tarik my telinge and sebat with hanger if i'm lazy to learn and solat..that's a best education and tarbiyah from my parents that still affected my heart now and forever..i'll remember that very well..even now if i feel malas to solat..i will feel like my dad standing beside me holding the hanger ready to hit me with all his heart..[but thats my minor feeling only..in hakikat..i'm more scared with azab Allah S.W.T. if i left my solat undone without reason..]


after a few years of growth..i talked as everyone talked..as a normal conversation for a boy..i go to school..talking with teachers..at home talking with my family..[dad and mom talked in banjar while i replied in bahse perak] i really didnt have a talent to talk in banjar although i really understand almost all of the banjar words..maybe it is because of my friends who sometimes are closer to me than my beloved parents..as a result..i talked to them in bahse perak..and it affect my conversation in family..at this stage..i learnt to speak more language than my mothertongue language..after malay and banjar..and arabic [secara tak langsung].. teachers in school introduced me to the language that i'm writing rite now..english language..i learns to speak..to read..to write..and i don't know why..i really like to learn about language..


unrealizing me..i knew how to learn and use 4 languages when i'm in high school..and majoring my education in one of them..arabic languages..since form 1..i feel really comfortable learning this Quran language..and my spirit and azam are really heated sitting in this major..special thanx to my precious ustaz2 and ustazah2 who taught me how to love this language of Heaven..ustaz Ramli..ustazah Nawal Syifa..ustazah Zakiah..also not forgotten ustazah Laila..Ustazah Mariam..Ustaz Azlan..and all of my teachers.. [sorry i cant write down all of your names but please just know that all of u will never be forgotten by me..]


after graduating from high school..time to make a choice to step advance to the next level of education..i didn't see choices other than majoring in arabic language because of my kebongokan in science..my science paper always failed..its my rezeki that my spm science paper..chemistry and physics didn't failed but it was almost failed..see how bengong i am with science..i really think i didn't have chemistry with that subject..just forget it..everyone has their weak point and strong point..rite? realizing that i feel like knowing my chemistry with arabic language..ustazah Zakiah also realized that and she gave me opinion to take major in arabic language at KUSZA..which her education take place some time ago..she also see the talent inside of me..thanx once again ustazah for extracting whats hidden inside me..at this stage..my love for arabic language became even more high..and really strong..i'm guided by a well-motivated lecturers..thanx to ustaz Azhar..ustaz Sofiyuddin..ustazah Zainab..ustazah Sharifah Hamadiah..ustaz Engku..and all of my lecturers [sorry i cant write down all of your names but please just know that all of u will never be forgotten by me..] all of them are my inspiration..

also at this stage..i was introduced a little bit to one more language..japanese..to release my stress at study..i like to watch japanese anime..while watching..i took a chance to understand the language they used..as a result..i can catch up to a few words and their way of conversation..and i think i fell in love with japanese language..hoping that some other time in my life..wanna go to their country..wanna learn their language more..[but the arabic language which is the Hereafter language is the most loved one..]


here i am..in egypt..in Al-Azhar..swimming diving more deep into the sea of arabic language..i really have fun studying here..have a arabic surrounding while learning their language..learn to be patient to their perangai yang ntahpape..learn to their culture..well..i'm still learning..and will still learning..till my last breath..and most important thing that cant be denied..i reaaaaaallllyyy love arabic language!

i think thats all for today's post..insyaAllah at the next post..i'll write in malay..its really hard to write in english because i left it unused at a very long period of time..when i wanna think about a word in english..i cant take it out easily as an arabic words that appear in my thought..but u know..i never open a dictionary for writing this..just try to remember and write..and sometimes..ask nigi my dear friends a few words that i forgot..maybe i'll write a maqal in arabic next time..lame giler dah tak nulih maqal..hilang skill..heheh..

okeh sume kengkawan..hingge bertemu lagi dalam polisentri yang akan datang..i'll sitting my final exam this week..all about language..pray for my success and peacefulness in mind..sayonaraaaaa~

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  1. hehe..so clever la u speakin2 english make me want 2 speak english too..
    n y la ur blog cant stop make me laughing all da time?

  2. salam..mei,hang mmg mantapla..buleh blake..english pun boleh..arab apa lg.ko membakar smgt aku utk kuasai b.inggeris..hehehe..mantap aa ayat ko..berbunga2 tp still very nice la..

  3. wsalam..hehe..tak mantap mane lagi min..english betabur tu..grammar takleh blah..tapi bagusla kalau smangat ko tebakar..jangan over bakar sampai tebakar umah..hehe..haziqah..if u wanna stop laughing from reading my blog..please read it with ur eyes closed..kompem tak gelak dah bile bace..hehehe..

  4. ust ni tulis dlm bahasa apa pun ttp lawak:) try la tulis entri bhsa jepun.bkn ke matsumoto jun tu jiran ust? hehe

  5. hahaha.. ape pulak jirannye.. dia duk serumah ngan saya la.. biase jer main2 tampo2 ngan die.. hahaha..

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